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Delay Announced In Expected Resumption Of Jury Trials

Capital Judicial Center, Augusta

Jury trials are not expected to resume in Maine until early November at the earliest, according to updated plans related to the Covid pandemic.

The Supreme Judicial Court has updated its plans for the phased reopening of courts. The next phase is now expected to start on November 9, later than previously planned.

Two or more pilot jury trials will now be held at the Capital Judicial Center in Augusta and the Penobscot Judicial Center in September to help in planning for the wider reopening of courts across the state.

The next phase would also mean grand juries will resume deliberating.  Small claims, foreclosures, disclosures, and land use violation cases would also resume.

Video and telephone hearings will be the presumptive format. Oral arguments by the Supreme Judicial Court would also be by video.


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