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Proposed Laws In Maine: A Roundup

In the 130th Legislature, there are numerous proposed bills affecting criminal justice, policing, firearms, motoring, and access to information that might be of interest. As some of these bills cover several issues, they may be duplicated in several categories below.

Criminal Justice

LR 1336: An Act To Implement Recommendations of the Sixth Amendment Center Concerning Indigent Legal Services

LR 1379: Give Oversight Powers to the Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services.

LR 543: An Act To Protect Inmates from Excessive Telephone or Video Charges

LR 1680: An Act To Decriminalize Homelessness

LR 401: An Act To Establish the Veterans Defense Program To Provide Training, Support and Legal Assistance To Promote Trauma-informed, Effective Representation of Veterans and Service Members in Maine Courts

LR 407: An Act To Provide Assisted Living and Long-term Nursing Home Care for Incarcerated Persons

LR 975: An Act To Protect Maine's Drivers from Pretextual Stops

LR 1609: An Act To Promote Highway Safety by Restricting the Use of Marijuana and Possession of an Open Marijuana Container in a Motor Vehicle

LR 1625: An Act Regarding Electronic Monitoring

LR 1825: An Act To Ensure Fair Judicial Outcomes

LR 979: An Act To Ensure Judicial Discretion in Sentencing

LR 1488: An Act To Enhance Equitable Requirements of Judges.

LR 1048: An Act To Protect the Rights of Certain Incarcerated Individuals

LR 890: An Act To Identify and Replace Certain Stigmatizing References throughout the Maine Revised Statutes

LR 20: An Act Regarding Summonses

LR 58: An Act To Enact the Racial Impact Statement Act

LR 968: An Act To End Mandatory Minimum Fines

LR 179: An Act To Establish and Practice Restorative Justice

LR 1700: Resolve, Directing the Permanent Commission on the Status of Racial, Indigenous and Maine Tribal Populations To Examine Restorative Justice

LR 195: An Act To Reestablish Parole.

LR 754: An Act To Expand Recovery Services to Individuals on Probation

LR 1110: An Act To Amend the Conditions of Release and Probation

LR 243: An Act Regarding Sentencing Options for a Person Convicted of a Crime Committed While Serving a Term of Imprisonment

LR 1009: An Act To Ensure the Appropriate Allocation of Victim Restitution

LR 566: An Act To Allow for Fair Restitution

LR 197: An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Post-conviction Review in Order To Facilitate the Fair Hearing of All Newly Discovered Evidence.

LR 247: Align the Preconviction and Post-conviction Discretionary Deductions for Time Served.

LR 850: An Act To Establish a Fund To Compensate Unjustly Incarcerated Persons.

LR 1154: An Act To Establish Conviction Integrity Units in Maine.

LR 600: An Act To Amend the Length of Time and Circumstances for Which a Sheriff May Furlough Individuals Incarcerated in a County Jail

LR 1380: An Act To Establish Resentencing Units in the Attorney General's Office and All Maine Prosecutorial Districts.

LR 203: Resolve, To Establish Separate Prosecutorial Districts in Downeast Maine

LR 974: An Act Regarding the Employment Status of Assistant District Attorneys

LR 652: An Act To Criminalize Recording a Crime in Progress but Failing To Call 9-1-1 To Report That Crime

LR 1817: An Act To Reform Drug Sentencing Laws

LR 1831: An Act To Amend the Bail Code

LR 1187: An Act Regarding Probation and Deferred Disposition

LR 967: An Act To Stabilize State Funding for County Corrections

LR 1921: An Act Concerning the Composition of the Criminal Law Advisory Commission

LR 266: An Act To Seal Marijuana Criminal Convictions and Civil Adjudications.

LR 915: An Act To Decriminalize Engaging in Prostitution, Strengthen the Laws against Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Allow a Person Convicted of Engaging in Prostitution To Petition the Court To Expunge the Record of Conviction

LR 1118: Resolve, To Expunge Criminal and Civil Records Related to Marijuana Activities Legalized by the Voters of Maine

LR 1338: An Act To Provide a Process for Expungement of Certain Criminal Records

LR 1339: Resolve, To Create a Criminal Records Review Committee

LR 1340: An Act Regarding a Post-judgment Motion by a Person Seeking To Satisfy the Prerequisites for Obtaining Special Restrictions on the Dissemination and Use of Criminal History Record Information for Certain Criminal Convictions

LR 630: An Act To Clarify Requirements for Criminal History Record Checks Pursuant to the Federal Family First Prevention Services Act

LR 84: An Act To To Limit Access to Juvenile Case Records and Protect the Confidentiality of Juvenile History Record Information

LR 87: Resolve, To Streamline the Background Check Process for Holders of Multiple State Licenses

LR 1227: An Act To Remove Barriers to Employment by Sealing the Records of Persons Convicted of Certain Nonviolent Crimes.

LR 1102: An Act To Remove Barriers to Occupational Licensing Due to Criminal Records

LR 1188: An Act To Automatically Seal All Crimes Decriminalized in the 130th Legislature

LR 799: An Act To Require the Department of Corrections and the Secretary of State To Facilitate the Process for Incarcerated Individuals To Obtain a Photo Identification Prior to Release

LR 1389: Resolution, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine Amending the Pardon Powers of the Governor

LR 1527: An Act To Close Long Creek Youth Development Center and Redirect Funding to Community Integration Services for Adjudicated Youth

LR 1899: An Act To Prohibit Solitary Confinement in Maine's Corrections System.

LR 1173: An Act To Modify the Rule-making Process for Establishing County and Municipal Jail Standards.

LR 1572: An Act Regarding Conditions and Correctional Policies for Female Residents

LR 240: An Act To Ensure Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Care and Education in All of Maine's Jails and State Correctional and Detention Facilities

LR 963: An Act To Make Comprehensive Substance Use Disorder Treatment Available to Maine's Incarcerated Population

LR 1900: An Act Regarding Prisoner and Jail and Prison Staff Safety.

LR 501: An Act Regarding Participation in Public Works Projects by Pretrial Inmates.

LR 502: An Act Regarding Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm on a Correctional Facility Property.

LR 1256: An Act To Reclassify Certain Offenses under the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Laws and Motor Vehicle Laws and Increase the Efficiency of the Criminal Justice System

LR 1359: An Act To Reform Alternative Sentencing Programs.

LR 914: An Act To Decriminalize Possession of Hypodermic Needles

LR 851: An Act To Create the Crime of Hate Crime False Public Alarm or Report

LR 461: An Act To Protect Maine Residents from Stalking by Use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

LR 676: An Act Regarding Adult Use Marijuana

LR 255: An Act To Amend the Adult Use Marijuana Program Rules and Make Other Technical Changes

LR 644: An Act To Amend the Marijuana Legalization Act

LR 634: An Act To Prohibit Smoking in Bus Shelters

LR 620: Resolution, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Explicitly Prohibit Discrimination Based on the Sex of an Individual

LR 1678: Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Seek a Waiver from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Authorizing Federal Medicaid Matching Funds for Additional Medication-assisted Treatment for Persons with Substance Use Disorder up to 30 Days Prior to Their Release from Incarceration

LR 1951: An Act To Prohibit Cyberbullying of School Employees by Students

LR 520: An Act To Restrict the Sale, Purchase and Use of Fireworks in the State.

LR 1555: An Act To Prevent Discrimination against Domestic Violence Victims

LR 1600: An Act To Clarify and Recodify Maine's Protection from Abuse Statutes.

LR 12: An Act To Make Assault on an Elderly Person with a Preexisting Serious Medical Condition a Class C Crime.

Policing / Emergency Response

LR 198: An Act To Eliminate Qualified Immunity for Police Officers

LR 1709: An Act To Limit Qualified Immunity in Maine Civil Rights Act Claims.

LR 1447: An Act To Regulate the Transfer of Law Enforcement Officers between Agencies.

LR 37: An Act To Enact Significant Police Reform in the State

LR 216: An Act Regarding the Use of Seizure and Forfeitures by Law Enforcement.

LR 32: An Act To Criminalize Calls Made to Emergency Services Based on Racial Profiling

LR 1548: An Act Regarding Recording of Witness Interviews.

LR 1574: An Act Regarding the Review of Law Enforcement Use of Deadly Force

LR 237: An Act To Prohibit No-knock Warrants.

LR 608: An Act To Prohibit the Use of "No-knock" Warrants

LR 1524: An Act Concerning the Unannounced Execution of Search Warrants

LR 1243: An Act To Provide Intensive Case Managers to Counties That Do Not Have County Jails or Regional Jails.

LR 356: An Act To Include as a Factor in Sentencing the Selection of a Victim Based on the Victim's Employment as a Law Enforcement Officer.

LR 327: An Act To Strengthen Laws Protecting Members of Law Enforcement and Promote In-classroom Substance Abuse Awareness Education

LR 1014: An Act To Require Cultural Sensitivity Training for School Resource Officers.

LR 1000: An Act To Support E-9-1-1 Dispatchers and Corrections Officers Diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

LR 1713: An Act To Create a Crisis Response Service through the E-9-1-1 System

LR 1503: Resolve, Directing the Department of Public Safety To Study Public Safety Response Times in Rural Maine.

LR 1297: An Act To Include Additional Corrections Officers and Mental Health Workers under the 1998 Special Plan for Retirement and To Amend the Laws Governing Retirement Benefits for Capitol Police Officers

LR 536: An Act To Establish a Statewide Electronic Warrant System

LR 961: An Act To Increase Government Accountability by Removing the Restriction on the Dissemination of Information Regarding Investigations

LR 730: An Act To Create Greater Accountablility in the Office of County Sheriff

LR 1323: An Act To Clarify the Qualifications and Oversight of Those Who Serve in the Office of Sheriff

LR 1005: An Act To Ensure the Integrity of Law Enforcement and Expand Public Oversight

LR 1434: An Act To Require Adequate Training for Police Officers Who Use Speed Detection Devices

LR 1228: An Act To Increase Privacy and Security by Prohibiting the Use of Facial Surveillance

Technology by Certain Government Officials.

LR 1193: An Act To Amend the Fees Paid to Sheriffs and Their Deputies for Service of Civil Process Documents

LR 1417: An Act To Expand the Authority of the Board of Trustees of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy Regarding Certification Standards

LR 828: An Act To Keep All Maine Students Safe by Restricting the Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Schools

LR 765:  An Act To Require Every Law Enforcement Agency To Do a Thorough Background Check of Applicant Officers and To Require the Release of Records, Including Sealed Records, to the Requesting Agency

LR 767: An Act To Expand the Board of Trustees of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy To Include 6 Members of the Public Who Are Not Employed as Any Type of Law Enforcement Personnel and To Require a Public Review of the Training Syllabus.

LR 854: An Act To Increase Workplace Transparency with Regard to Arbitration Agreements, the Rights of Employees and Civil Actions

LR 1354: An Act To Require Police To Enforce Court-ordered Child Custody Agreements

LR 1693: An Act To Expand where Police Officers with Federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Clearance May Carry a Concealed Weapon

LR 1659: An Act To Support Maine's Corrections Officers and E-9-1-1 Dispatchers

LR 892: An Act To Compensate Department of Corrections Employees for Hazardous Work

LR 1333: An Act To Clarify the Law Enforcement Powers of the Bureau of Parks and Lands

LR 151: An Act To Implement the Attorney General's Recommendations on Data Collection in Order To Eliminate Profiling in Maine

LR 1636: An Act To Require Dispatch Units To Employ a Person with a Social Work Background

LR 1279: An Act To Strengthen Statewide Mental Health Peer Support and Crisis Intervention Mobile Response and Crisis Stabilization Unit Services and To Allow E-9-1-1 To Dispatch using the Crisis System

LR 1274: An Act To End the Maine Information Analysis Center Program

LR 1753: An Act To Protect Maine Residents and Organizations from Unreasonable and Illegal Surveillance, Monitoring or Tracking

LR 1275: An Act To Reduce by Half the Funding of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and Redirect the Difference in Funding to Community-based Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Services

LR 1091: An Act To Improve Accountability in Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Reporting.

LR 1092: An Act To Require Due Process in Asset Seizure.

LR 1873: An Act To Promote Public Safety in Emergency Situations.

Firearms / hunting

LR1059: An Act To Ensure the Right to Self-defense Exists Outside the Home by Removing the Requirement To Retreat.

LR 154: An Act To Restrict Maine Law Enforcement Participation in Federal Firearm Confiscation or Buy-back Programs without Legislative Approval.

LR 208: An Act To Exempt from Sales Tax Ammunition Purchased Outside of Maine.

LR 479: An Act To Clarify the Definition of "Machine Gun".

LR 317: An Act To Aid Municipalities in the Issuance of Concealed Handgun Permits

LR 1403: An Act To Ban Lead Ammunition in Hunting

LR 313: An Act To Ban the Surveillance of Firearm Purchases

LR 1579: An Act Regarding Background Checks in the Sale of Firearms

LR 1945: An Act To Prohibit Untraceable and Undetectable Firearms

LR 1049: An Act To Allow the Prohibition of Weapons at Public Proceedings and Voting Places

LR 502: An Act Regarding Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm on a Correctional Facility Property.

LR 319: An Act To Create an Administrative Review Process for Hunting Violations.

LR 104: An Act To Require a Nonresident To Hire a Licensed Maine Guide To Hunt Big Game

LR 1370: An Act To Allow Holders Of A Permit To Carry a Concealed Weapon from the Background Check Requirement When Purchasing a Firearm

LR 729: An Act To Allow Deer Baiting by Hunters

LR 763: An Act To Control the Means of Hunting Coyotes

LR 694: An Act To Allow Sunday Hunting North of United States Route 2 from the New Hampshire Border to Bangor and North of State Route 9 from Bangor to the Canadian Border

LR 535: An Act To Expand the Hunting Season for Deer

LR 1593: An Act To Repeal the Provision of Law Allowing the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Issue Permits To Use Noise Suppression Devices with Firearms When Hunting

LR 973: An Act To Allow Sunday Hunting on Private Property with the Written Permission of the Landowner

LR 588: An Act To Prohibit Hunting with a Bow or Crossbow within 100 Yards of a Residence

Juveniles / children

LR 406: An Act To Provide the Right to Counsel for Juveniles and Improve Due Process for Juveniles

LR 227: An Act To Provide an Immediate Opportunity To Appeal for a Juvenile Bound Over into Criminal Court.

LR 1811: An Act To Divert Older Youth from the Adult Criminal Justice System

LR 1886: An Act Regarding Criminal Services for Juveniles

LR 281: An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Maine Juvenile Justice System Assessment and Reinvestment Task Force.

LR 1307: An Act To Ensure Access to and Availability of Violence Intervention Services To Reduce Domestic Violence in Maine.

LR 481: An Act To Amend the Child Endangerment Laws.

LR 301: An Act To Address Maine's Shortage of Behavioral Health Services for Minors

LR 484: An Act Regarding Emergency Guardianship

LR 1199: An Act To Improve the Long-term Outcomes for Youth Transitioning from State Care by Extending Voluntary Supports through 23 Years of Age.

Sexual assault

LR 958: An Act To Ensure Ongoing Services for Victims of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

LR 932: An Act To Increase the Penalty for Engaging in the Sex Trafficking of Children.

LR 280: An Act To Promote Justice for Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

LR 842: An Act To Prevent Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation

LR 1931: An Act To Support Survivors of Sex Trafficking and Exploitation

LR 1245: An Act To Expand the Definition of Unlawful Sexual Touching.

LR 1716: An Act To Extend the Statute of Limitations on Reporting a Sexual Assault

LR 304: An Act To Provide Access to Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse.

LR 1111: An Act To Improve Investigations of Child Sexual Abuse

LR 1148: An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Indecent Conduct

LR 1281: An Act To Facilitate Children's Testimony

LR 964: An Act Regarding the Membership of the Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Advisory Board

LR 1045: An Act Regarding Child Interviews with Social Workers.

LR 1169: An Act Regarding the Child Protection System.

LR 248: An Act Concerning Sexual Misconduct on College Campuses

LR 1266: An Act Regarding Sexual Misconduct and Intimate Partner Violence Policies at Institutions of Higher Education

LR 814: An Act To Protect Victim Confidentiality at Institutions of Higher Education

LR 300: An Act Regarding Sexual Misconduct and Intimate Partner Violence Surveys at Institutions of Higher Education.

LR 1644: An Act To Amend the Provisions Concerning the Crime of Gross Sexual Assault.

Motorists / driving

LR 975: An Act To Protect Maine's Drivers from Pretextual Stops

LR 976: An Act To Prohibit Enforcement of the Seat Belt Law unless the Driver Has Been Stopped for Violation of Another Law

LR 879: An Act To Avoid Unnecessary Middle Lane Traffic Stops.

LR 1529: An Act To Make Registration Violations a Secondary Offense

LR 1608: An Act To Clarify Who Signs and Swears to a Certificate Stating the Results of a Breath-test Analysis

LR 1332: An Act To Protect Privacy and Security at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles

LR 817: An Act To Amend the Definition of "Reportable Accident"

LR 447: An Act To Enhance Compliance with Motor Vehicle Insurance Requirements

LR 1609: An Act To Promote Highway Safety by Restricting the Use of Marijuana and Possession of an Open Marijuana Container in a Motor Vehicle

LR 777: Increase the Time for Which a Temporary Motor Vehicle Registration Plate Is Valid

LR 16: An Act To Allow the Secretary of State To Refuse To Issue or To Recall a Vanity Registration Plate with Vulgar, Obscene, Contemptuous or Profane Language.

LR 1468: An Act To Authorize the Secretary of State To Reject Certain Vanity License Plate Requests

LR 1012: An Act To Improve the Investigation and Prosecution of Cases That Involve Vulnerable Road Users.

LR 1714: An Act To Increase Public Safety on the Maine Turnpike

LR 845: An Act To Allow a Qualifying Religious or Other Entity To Self-insure for Automobile Insurance.

LR 1792: An Act To Allow the Statewide Sale of Ethanol-free Gasoline.

LR 1072: An Act To Allow the Sale of Ethanol-free Gasoline Statewide

LR 1100: An Act To Prevent Regressive Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Pricing in Maine by Prohibiting Adoption of Rules Limiting Emissions

LR 411: An Act Regarding the Lanes of a Three-lane Interstate Highway That May Be Used by Trucks

LR 415: An Act To Provide Protection for Tractors When Using Public Ways

LR 761: An Act To Eliminate the Requirement for an Annual Inspection for Noncommercial Vehicles

LR 1273: An Act To Require Motor Vehicle Inspections Every 2 Years.

LR 1930: An Act Regarding Motor Vehicle Registration Violations

LR 762: An Act To Eliminate the Requirement for an Inspection for a Noncommercial Vehicle Less than 20 Years Old

LE 700: An Act To Base the Vehicle and Mobile Home Excise Tax on Actual Value

LR 180: An Act To Restrict Sales of Catalytic Converters Removed from Motor Vehicles

LR 999: An Act To Change Driver's License Requirements for Sleep Apnea

Information / Access / Privacy

LR 234: An Act To Protect the Private Information of Maine Citizens

LR 714: An Act To Provide Electronic Access to Confidential Juror Information.

LR 1474: An Act To Enact the Campus Free Speech and Press Act

LR 722: An Act To Protect Student Privacy

LR 1476: An Act To Protect the Privacy of State Officials, Employees and Board Members

LR 567: An Act Regarding Disclosure of Vital Records

LR 341: An Act To Strengthen the Coequal Branches of Maine Government by Ensuring the Legislature Has Access to Necessary Information

LR 1303: An Act To Increase Transparency in the Maine Legislature by Removing Certain Freedom of Access Act Exemptions.

LR 1332: An Act To Protect Privacy and Security at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles

LR 1602: An Act To Protect the Information Privacy of Maine Residents

LR 1603: An Act To Prevent Violations of Privacy Caused by the Use of Drones

LR 1606: An Act To Prevent Telephone Companies from Giving Municipal Exchange Numbers to People or Businesses without a Verified Address in That Exchange

LR 1824: An Act To Create the Biometric Information Privacy Protection Act

LR 1913: An Act To Enact the Smart Home Device Privacy Protection Act

LR 814: An Act To Protect Victim Confidentiality at Institutions of Higher Education

LR 1699: An Act To Protect a Parent's Right to Educational Information Regarding a Minor Child

LR 1446: An Act To Protect an Individual's Personal Data

LR 1959: Resolution, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Establish Personal Privacy as a Natural Right.


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